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The life of a Pinterest pin is 1,600 times longer 
than a Facebook post.

87% of people on Pinterest have bought a product
because of Pinterest. 

On Average 1 pin
gets 11 repins and generates
6 website visits.


I run Profitable Pin - Pinterest Marketing Agency - and spend my days working with awesome business owners all around the world who are turning their passions into profits online.

We help business owners get thousands of visitors to their offers, services and freebies and to convert them into customers and raving fans.

Wanna know how I do it? Start by downloading Optimized Profile Guide.


Smart Pinterest Content & SEO Delivers Leads

Pinterest is a visual search media site with a very special way of incorporating SEO. When you do SEO and content development the right way on Pinterest, you attract an active audience of viewers and Pinners interested and ready to buy. It is rapidly becoming the first place ecommerce stores and bloggers need to check ...

Pinterest Updates and SEO 2019

You probably already know Pinterest is not a typical social media site.In fact, it is a visual search engine and a powerful tool for reaching prospects ready to purchase when they find what they want.Pinterest offers over 250 million active users looking for inspiration, fresh ideas and answers to their problems each month. But online ...

10 Simple Steps to Better Visibility on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search and sharing capabilities are responsible for sending vast amounts of traffic to websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores.  It is important to optimise your Pinterest account for a couple of key reasons. First is the fact that Pinterest should not be confused with social media sites where people are not necessarily interested ...

10 Powerful Conversion Ideas for Ecommerce Stores

Combining Pinterest marketing with effective lead magnets can jumpstart conversions and sales for ecommerce stores.  Research shows a majority of ecommerce stores only experience a conversion rate around 3%. If this low rate of conversion reflects your situation, it probably means you may be getting a low return on your investment with the money and ...

How to REALLY Promote Your Ecommerce Store on Pinterest

There are growing numbers of people who are beginning to understand how Pinterest can help them drive traffic to their ecommerce store. They talk about how Pinterest offers the perfect combination of search (very much like Google), the power of clear visuals and the ability for others to share your Pins. Yep, Pinterest is pretty dynamic, special, ...

Key Pinterest Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce

Pinterest started out nearly a decade ago as a place where handicrafters, lifestyle bloggers and home chefs came together. Not any longer!  Today Pinterest is a dynamic website where people go to research, learn, compare, get inspired and purchase if they find something that delivers a benefit in their lives. A large portion of the ...

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