Every Day Customer Are Searching for Your Products on Pinterest and Clicking Your Competitors Pins...

What if your pinterest account Could generate traffic and sales for your ecommerce store?

Maybe you've heard other stores getting traffic and sales from Pinterest but it is not working for you yet. 

what if things could be different for your Shopify store?

What if your Pinterest marketing efforts captured and inspired new audiences, engaged existing audience.

what if Pinterest delivered traffic & sales?

First step is to see if Pinterest is a solid choice for you and if I'm the best to help you with it.

how it works?

Stop the overwhelm and overthinking, and Select the best option for you below and let's fix your Pinterest marketing.


Roast My Pinterest Account

I'm Pinterest Marketing Expert that helped numerous eCommerce Stores grow and scale with Pinterest.

I'll review your Pinterest Profile on a 20-minute video screenshare roast and give you my expert suggestions on what I see. I will review it as your potential customer and see if you hit the sweetspot in your marketing.

This is great if you are considering Pinterest and want expert advice on the opportunity for your niche.

You can implement suggestions yourself or send video to your team to implement.

Investment $200.


PinClarity Call

PinClarity is designed to an Shopify eCommerce Stores that want and extra pair of eyes on your work and suggest best practices to improve conversion rates

PinClarity includes pre-call questionnaire, personalised suggestions, ideas and 60-minute Q&A call to strategize your Pinterest marketing to a tee.

We'll review either organic or paid marketing efforts.

You'll get a recording of our call to watch over anytime or send to your team to implement.

Investment $600*.

*Applies to PinGrowth package moving forward


PinGrowth Package

PinGrowth package is designed for Shopify eCommerce Stores who are ready to add Pinterest marketing to the marketing mix in a serious way.


You don't want to take another general course, you just want a step-by-step personalised process and strategy that has been tried and tested. 

Includes a personalised strategy specifically on what you are wanting to accomplish with Pinterest, editable Canva templates (pin, video, idea pin) for all funnel stages, how to videos on Pinterest basics and implementation coaching with Nina. 

Investment $2500.

(Next available spot in August)


Hi, I'm Nina, nice to virtually meet you!

I founded Profitable Pin Pinterest Marketing Agency to help eCommerce Store owners get traffic and sales from Pinterest. 

I've worked with eCommerce for over a decade and hold a MBA so I know the theory and practical side of running a successful online business. And I'm here to help you do the same.

Here's an example of our client results:

  • #1 ranking for all main keywords and getting 20 organic sales per month for product costing 10K+
  • 5 x ROAS for high-end bridal wear company

See more results here.

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