Every Day Customer Are Searching for Your Products on Pinterest and Clicking Your Competitors Pins...

What if your pinterest account Could generate traffic and sales for your ecommerce store?

Maybe you've heard other stores getting traffic and sales from Pinterest but it is not working for you yet. 

what if things could be different for your Shopify store?

What if your Pinterest marketing efforts captured and inspired new audiences, engaged existing audience.

what if Pinterest delivered traffic & sales?

First step is to see if Pinterest is a solid choice for you and if I'm the best to help you with it.

how it works?

Stop the overwhelm and overthinking, and Select the best option for you below and let's fix your Pinterest marketing.


Roast My Pinterest Account

I'll help you turn more Pinterest users into followers, visitors and customers.  

I'm Pinterest expert I've evaluated hundreds of Pinterest accounts for eCommerce stores. I can pin point your biggest conversion and traffic blocks in a 20-minute roast!.

This is great if you lost on why Pinterest is not working for you and want actionable advice and tips.

You can implement suggestions yourself or send video to your team member to implement.

Investment $200.


Ad Management

PinConversions is designed for Shopify eCommerce Stores that want to improve Pinterest visibility and sales.

PinConversions is a monthly ad (and optionally SEO) campaign management service for selected eCommerce clients with Pinterest perfect products.

This includes a/b testing, creatives, media buying, reporting and more. You can opt to also ad SEO to enjoy evergreen traffic from Pinterest. 

We currently can take on ONE more client.

Is that you?


Get More Sales from Your Shop

In Get More Sales from Your Online Store Action Guide, you'll find tips and strategies that can make a big impact on your eCommerce store sales and leads. 

Here are couple of things what you'll look into:

  • Branding
  • Customer journey
  • Increase conversion
  • crosssell, upsell, downsell
  • and more!

Download this actionable & printable PDF guide now and start increasing your conversions!

Just $17


Hi, I'm Nina, nice to virtually meet you!

I founded Profitable Pin Pinterest Marketing Agency to help eCommerce Store owners get traffic and sales from Pinterest. 

I've worked with eCommerce for over a decade and hold a MBA so I know the theory and practical side of running a successful online business. And I'm here to help you do the same.

Here's an example of our client results:

  • #1 ranking for all main keywords and getting 20 organic sales per month for product costing 10K+
  • 5 x ROAS for high-end bridal wear company

See more results here.

do you have any questions?