Grow a money-making eCom store on the internet's hottest shopping channel even if you are a new store owner

Reach people who are already looking for your products (and now they click your competitors products... :( )

What if you could get hot Traffic to your store day in, day out without burning out on IG dms all day long?

Maybe you've heard other stores getting traffic and sales online but it is not working for you yet. 

there is a better way... and that is pinterest

Pinterest is full of shopper and buyers searching for ideas and new products to buy

If you are not one of those options and visible when pinners are searching, they opt for your competitors products.

Buyers with Money & Intention to buy

On average Pinterest buyer has higher household income than any other platform, they also convert at much higher rate the FB/IG as the intention is to Shop, not Chat.

How Can We Serve You

Stop the overwhelm and overthinking, and Select the best option for you below and let's fix your Pinterest marketing.

DIY Pinterest Ads

with helpful 60 minute power hour that gets you going with Pinterest ads! 

You'll create 3 campaigns on Pinterest to start getting sales from the platform.

Start managing your own ad campaigns on Pinterest today!

Account Consultation

We'll help you turn more Pinterest users into followers, visitors and paying customers.  

As a Pinterest experts we've evaluated hundreds of Pinterest accounts for eCommerce stores.

We can pin point your biggest conversion and traffic blocks in this consultation and give you actionable tips.

Account Management

PinConversions is designed for Shopify eCommerce Stores that want to improve Pinterest visibility and sales.

PinConversions is a monthly ad (and optionally SEO) campaign management service for selected eCommerce clients with Pinterest perfect products.

This includes a/b testing, creatives, media buying, reporting and more. You can opt to also ad SEO to enjoy evergreen traffic from Pinterest. 

Next intake for new clients:

August 2023

Is that you?

meet your ad coach

Hi, I'm Nina, nice to virtually meet you!

I founded Profitable Pin Pinterest Marketing Agency to help eCommerce Store owners get traffic and sales from Pinterest. 

I've worked with eCommerce for over a decade and hold a MBA so I know the theory and practical side of running a successful online business. And I'm here to help you do the same.

Here's an example of our client results:

  • #1 ranking for all main keywords and getting 20 organic sales per month for product costing 10K+
  • 5 x ROAS for high-end bridal wear company

See more results here.

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