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How to Increase Online Sales Fast – Pinterest for Shopify Sellers Client Case

This post showcases a client success story on how to increase online sales fast using Pinterest as a organic traffic generator.

I started working with a client 20 days ago. The goal was to liven their Pinterest presense and to bring traffic back to their site especially since Black Friday was just 30 days away.  

Client result below after 20 days working with us. Read further to know more about client, starting point, process and results.

Client Background

My client is a activewear seller focusing on a specific niche. They are already proven their business but majority of their sales comes from paid ads. Very little traffic or sales comes from organic sources.

They have a Shopify store and promote their products mainly on Instagram and Facebook. They do have a Pinterest account but it is not an active account.

Pinterest Starting Point

When I started working with the client they did not have active account. They did have an account with less than 10 boards but were not actively pinning at all. They had some traffic coming from Pinterest but it was minor compared to traffic from Google and Facebook ads.

Their non-paid traffic source was mainly Google, no social channel provided significant organic traffic.

So pretty normal situation where paid ads is a must in order to get traction and traffic.

They were aware of Pinterest but did not have the resources or knowledge how to make it work for them.

This is where Profitable Pin came into picture. 

Pinterest Process

When we started working with the client the first thing was to keyword everything on their profile. This meant creating new boards, cleaning old ones, editing profile and of course create new, fresh content to pin.

After 10 days couple of pins we created went viral. These were pins marketing blog posts.

I knew client got sudden burst of traffic so had to call and check how they were converting on the client side. Traffic spiked but bounce rate on those blog posts was quite high.

This meant work on the client side to reduce bounce rate. Multiple images, post reformatting and other adjustments later bounce rate went down and email subscriber number up. A win.

Results After 20 Days

Results just after 20 days were impressive to say the least. Average daily clicks rose whopping 8,366%.

In 20 days client was able to get 1,151 clicks back to their site. 

how to sell online fast using Pinterest to drive organic traffic

Before working with us they got on average 6 clicks a day. After working with us for 20 days they got on average 60 clicks a day.

Top day so far has been 508 clicks a day!

Results achieved for client in 20 days using Pinterest to drive organic traffic.

There are two spikes on the graph. Low preriod between is time when client worked on their website to try to reduce bounce rate. Once posts were reformatted, pinning started again and we got even better results second time around. 

Bear in mind that we just started working with this client. Pinterest is like wine, it gets better with time.

I expect superb organic results for this client going forward. 

pinterest marketing strategy

3 Reasons Why You Need Pinterest in Your Marketing Strategy

If you are not already using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy, have a read three reason why you need to add Pinterest to the mix this year.

Pinterest is so much more than just a social platform, it is a search engine and shopping platform.

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It is not Facebook where you chat with friends, or Twitter where you chat with strangers, but it is a platform where to find ideas and purchase the best finds. 

83% of users are female, but men are growing on the platform every day. That is not the best part, this is.

87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest, and 93% of Pinners have used it to plan a future purchase (Pinterest, 2015).

1M Visibility Strategy starts with Profile Optimization - Click to Download my Strategy.

Here are 3 reason to use Pinterest

If the shopping stats did not convince you yet, here are 3 reason to add Pinterest to your marketing strategy this year.

You Can Be Searched!

This is a big one!

Being searchable or discoverable is one of the biggest reason why you should ditch Facebook and focus on Pinterest instaed. 

Facebook is great but you are not searchable. One swipe and your content is gone for good. 

Pinterest ables you to be go viral today, next month, two years from now. And all that time you can be searched and found by person looking for you/your business.

When someone is searching on Pinterest, they are looking for a solution to their existing problem. 

What do you do when you want an answer to your question?

I bet you go to Google. Pinterest works same way and it's users go to Pinterest to find solution to their problem.

No need to create the need, viewers already knows they need it. Big, big difference to other social platforms. 

Getting more Traffic

Goes together with being searchable, you will get more traffic once you implement Pinterest in your marketing.

That is pretty much guaranteed.

Pinterest is the best traffic generator of all social media platforms. Many other platforms are meant for socialising, Pinterest is more of a referral network. Pinterest is designed to connect people with the things that they are interested in online.

Bloggers discovered Pinterest early on, and with great succcess, but businesses are still lacking on the platform. This is great news for you. If you hop on now, you have great chance of raising your brand awareness and sales pretty quickly. 

You Don't Need Thousands of Followers

Another win for Pinterest is that you do not need thousands of followers to get massive visibility on the platform.

I am living proof of this. As of writing this I have just under 2K followers, yet my reach on the platform is nearly 850K! See below image for stats.

pinterest stats

You do not need to wait for years to get 1M visibility on social media, you can literally to this in months!

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you are not able to do this.

Unless you pay. A lot.


If you are inspired and want your brand in front of millions of searchers you can start by downloading my Pinterest Profile Optimization Guide by adding your details below, or you can work with me to up your Pinterest Marketing Strategy.

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5 Things I Did To Grow My Pinterest Traffic

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5 Things I Did To Grow My Pinterest Traffic

I never thought to use Pinterest when I started blogging about business  I did the usual things, you know like posting on Facebook, Twitter and even G+ but Pinterest, no. To be honest, I did do it occasionally but I got nothing out of it. 

Why? Because Pinterest requires graphics that have different dimensions than Facebook and the other social media I was using. It was an easy decision to skip creating yet another graphic for yet another social network. So it never happened.

But I did keep reading about how awesome Pinterest is from people I respected and decided I better see what I was missing and put my mind into it. 

And I can tell you it worked! Here's my latest stats...

pinterest stats

If you look at the image on the left you can see my  monthly visibility is currently at 842K! That is almost a million per month. 

Another thing to note is the number of followers. It is a mere 2K, yet I still get the benefit of huge visibility on Pinterest. 

You can download my Pinterest Profile Optimization Guide by clicking here.

OK, let's go into the five main steps you can take to grow your Pinterest traffic - and sales!

Graphics Matter

Pinterest is a visual social platform, making your graphics/images crucial! Following Pinterest's recommended vertical images is also very important. Do not use your images or layout from Facebook or other social media in Pinterest.

Looks matter on Pinterest. At the most, use up to a couple of colors, two fonts and high quality images to stand out. 

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Use Canva to create Pinterest images. You can use Canva's templates to get started or create one from scratch. 

Recommended dimension for a Pinterest Pin is 735px x 1102px. If you have Canva Pro, you can adjust size with couple of clicks. If not, it will take you couple of extra minutes to create a new graphic.

Simply Ask

Whenever you publish a piece of content, ask people to share it on Pinterest. If it is a blog post, add a Pinterest ready graphic to your post and ask readers to share.

You could do something like this graphic below...

Pin to Keep!



Organizing your profile is very important. Consider the reader/viewer and what they see when they land on your profile for the first time. 

Update your board titles and descriptions. Delete unnecessary boards and those that are too personal. You can also change your visibility to "secret."

If you are not sure what you should do, ask a friend to have a look at your profile. Then have them share their first impression with you. Your main slogan/niche should be visible within seconds. 

Promo Threads

If you are an avid Facebook group user, use the Promo Threads in groups to get followers and re-pins. You can also find groups specifically for Pinterest that allow you to promote your profile and pins.

Join the Profitable Pin Group here

Using promo threads takes a bit of time but they can really pay off, especially if you have a new account or a launch coming up soon.


I'm all about automation in my online business coaching practice and Pinterest is no different: #automagic is the way to go!

There are multiple tools you could be using to automate your pinning. I personally recommend sticking with Pinterest specific tools such as Boardbooster and Tailwind.

Once you master either tool, or both, you'll find you save a lot of time and get much better visibility.

Want to learn my 1M visibility strategy?

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