How to Become a Pinterest Marketer in Just 6 Weeks & Work from Anywhere

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So you want to work from home and spend all your time on Pinterest anyways? Great, that was me a few years ago too! Becoming a Pinterest marketer allowed me to travel the world and work remotely with clients all over the world. Plus I spend my days looking at beautiful pins and browsing Pinterest - I mean I literally get paid to do what I love to do and do it for free for me all the time! Hard to beat that. This post outlines how you can become a Pinterest manager and work remotely where AND whenever you want.

Why Pinterest Manager?

Because it is a super easy service to sell and there are not enough Pinterest Marketers to match the demand!

I run Pinterest marketing agency so I know there is a huge demand for skilled Pinterest marketers. I could not find already trained managers so I had to start training them myself.

Easy Service to Sell

The reason why Pinterest marketing is an easy service to sell is that most of my marketing agency leads say "I just don't understand Pinterest and how it works - can you help?". I receive offers to work with me EVERY single week - and currently have to decline most as we are fully booked as a boutique agency!

Most marketers focus on the big social media channels like Facebook and Instagram thinking that's best way to go. The problem with these is massive amount of competitors. Both FB and IG are really easy to DIY as a business owner, but Pinterest is a search engine, not so much <- that virtually guarantees clients for your Pinterest marketing services!

Who Pinterest Managers work with

The great thing about Pinterest is that you can work with a variety of clients - both in terms of location and industry. 

My marketing agency Profitable Pin focuses on eCommerce Stores. There's huge demand yet not that much competition for us. We really found our sweet spot. 

Most agencies, managers VA's work with bloggers, coaches, podcasters, Youtubers, fashion, and beauty industries are big niches as well.

So pick you niche based on your interested and / or demand you see on the market.  

What does a Pinterest Marketers actually do

Great thing about working with Pinterest is the variety of tasks involved.

Creating Click-Worthy Pins

As Pinterest is a visual search engine, looks count! A big part of the work is being creative and creating pins to post - this could be images and/or videos. 

The pin is the reason why someone stops the scroll so the better your image, the better the results for clients.

Some marketers work with graphic designers or purchase done for you pin templates but many managers create the pins with tools like Canva

The pin creation process takes fair bit of our time but it is so much fun that I probably do it for free! A big part of the process is browsing on Pinterest as you need to understand how you can make your clients pin to stand out!

Yep, I get paid to search and look for pins - how good is that?

Writing Enticing Descriptions

The next important part is writing Pin Titles and Pin descriptions. This calls for a bit of creativity too but also some research skills. Pinterest being a search engine means that you need to know what people search for on Pinterest aka keyword research.

Once you know what people are actually searching for, it is easy to write compelling titles and descriptions. And once you have all that done, you'll upload the pin and pin it to a board (which needs to have keyword-optimized title and description too!).

AI is super helpful at this point!

Posting The Work

This is one of the best parts of the job - complete freedom when to work! You can automate all pinning with a tool like Tailwind.

AND there is no need to comment on other people's posts, engage, DM, and the rest that is required on Instagram and Facebook. No need to be on call 24/7 in case there's a comment to respond to or need to post a story. 

AKA FREE weekends and holidays! 

Work-life balance is so important and Pinterest genuinely allows one to have client free weekends and holidays. Great job for stay-at-home parent!

I gotta be honest the freedom part lead me to Pinterest in the first place. As a business blogger, I got tired of having to be online and engaging all the time... so I looked for alternatives to get traffic and found Pinterest. I succeeded, then other people started asking for help, and the rest is history...

That's all There is?

Not really but most of the work involves creating pins, research, and posting. In addition to the base work, you could also be doing account setups, digging into analytics, optimizing current content, researching Tribes, and more.

What Can You Earn as a Pinterest Marketer

This of course varies but typically a Pinterest marketer charges anywhere from $50-$150 / hour although I suggest you NEVER work by the hour! Always charge by the value, not how long it takes you to accomplish the work.

Charging by the month is way to go - I've seen range anywhere from $500 to $3000 / month depending on the size of your client and level of service required. 

One of the good things about working with Pinterest is that there is less competition meaning you can charge a higher rate than Instagram marketer!

When you are a brand new Pinterest marketer you could offer to work for free for a client to get real-life experience. If you do go this route, do not work for free longer than 2 months and preferably work with a non-profit or tiny business to help them grow - the exchange needs to be fair for both.

I mentioned value-based pricing earlier and I highly, highly recommend that you implement that into your business. I don't sell my time, I sell results I deliver - and the latter has a totally different price tag than the first.

My agency rates start at $1.500/month with a minimum 3-month commitment. That is my basic package for brand new clients and the vast majority of clients are at a higher monthly package that goes up to $5K/month.

How to get clients as a Pinterest Marketer

I get clients from a variety of sources - word of mouth, social media, Pinterest, freelance websites, and more. Marketing your services is one of the most important parts of being in business so the more you know about marketing and selling, the better. Having said that, it is not hard at all!

Pinterest marketing service is by far one of the easiest services to sell!

And I've sold thousands and thousands of dollars of marketing service. Clients know they should have presence on Pinterest BUT they do not understand how Pinterest works aka they have a BIG PROBLEM. Bigger the problem you solve, easier it is to sell.

I nowadays have a questionnaire for all new leads aka clients need to APPLY to work with me! 

Pinterest Marketer Training

Since I could not find trained Pinterest marketers I started to train my staff - drop a comment below if you'd like to hear when I open the training to everyone!

Learn how to become a Pinterest Marketer online

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