How to Increase Online Sales Fast – Pinterest for Shopify Sellers Client Case

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This post showcases a client success story on how to increase online sales fast using Pinterest as a organic traffic generator.

I started working with a client 20 days ago. The goal was to liven their Pinterest presense and to bring traffic back to their site especially since Black Friday was just 30 days away.  

Client result below after 20 days working with us. Read further to know more about client, starting point, process and results.

Client Background

My client is a activewear seller focusing on a specific niche. They are already proven their business but majority of their sales comes from paid ads. Very little traffic or sales comes from organic sources.

They have a Shopify store and promote their products mainly on Instagram and Facebook. They do have a Pinterest account but it is not an active account.

Pinterest Starting Point

When I started working with the client they did not have active account. They did have an account with less than 10 boards but were not actively pinning at all. They had some traffic coming from Pinterest but it was minor compared to traffic from Google and Facebook ads.

Their non-paid traffic source was mainly Google, no social channel provided significant organic traffic.

So pretty normal situation where paid ads is a must in order to get traction and traffic.

They were aware of Pinterest but did not have the resources or knowledge how to make it work for them.

This is where Profitable Pin came into picture. 

Pinterest Process

When we started working with the client the first thing was to keyword everything on their profile. This meant creating new boards, cleaning old ones, editing profile and of course create new, fresh content to pin.

After 10 days couple of pins we created went viral. These were pins marketing blog posts.

I knew client got sudden burst of traffic so had to call and check how they were converting on the client side. Traffic spiked but bounce rate on those blog posts was quite high.

This meant work on the client side to reduce bounce rate. Multiple images, post reformatting and other adjustments later bounce rate went down and email subscriber number up. A win.

Results After 20 Days

Results just after 20 days were impressive to say the least. Average daily clicks rose whopping 8,366%.

In 20 days client was able to get 1,151 clicks back to their site. 

how to sell online fast using Pinterest to drive organic traffic

Before working with us they got on average 6 clicks a day. After working with us for 20 days they got on average 60 clicks a day.

Top day so far has been 508 clicks a day!

Results achieved for client in 20 days using Pinterest to drive organic traffic.

There are two spikes on the graph. Low preriod between is time when client worked on their website to try to reduce bounce rate. Once posts were reformatted, pinning started again and we got even better results second time around. 

Bear in mind that we just started working with this client. Pinterest is like wine, it gets better with time.

I expect superb organic results for this client going forward. 

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