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A Proven Ads Funnel to Reach Buyers, Not Browsers

Wave Goodbye to Expensive FB/IG ads and create a money-making campaign on Pinterest in an hour!

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Bye bye to Profit sucking IG ads

Create & launch your money-making ad campaign on Pinterest today.


Create without overwhelm

You'll love the Pinterest interface and its simplicity! Know exactly what to do and where.


Reach Buyers, Not Browsers

Being visible when buyers are searching is the key to success & profits.

What if you are just one campaign away from hitting your eCom profit goals?

We stopped running our FB/IG ad campaigns after learning Nina's strategies and now enjoy profitable cold traffic from Pinterest.

— Wong - home decor ecommerce store founder.

Creating your money-making Pinterest campaigns just got easy as pie. Just follow step by step and launch your campaign TODAY!

Say goodbye to..

  • Profit sucking FB/IG ads
  • Incredible complex ad campaign interface that takes weeks to learn the basics
  • Competing with thousands and thousands of eCom stores for the same precious ad spot
  • Being visible where people are browsing, not shopping

Instead, Enjoy... 

  • Warm traffic with people who are searching for you
  • A simple ad interface that is joy to learn and use
  • Less competition on ad spots and beating your competitors like a champ
  • Confidently creating a campaign that deliver results
>> Let's make COLD traffic PROFITABLE again!

After Going Throught the Pinterest Ads Bootcamp...

You'll have the skills to confidently create Winning Campaigns that Generate Traffic, Add to Carts and Checkouts without costing you an arm and leg (and your paycheck!)

We tested these strategies on MULTIPLE NICHES (fashion, home decor, bridal, courses, coaching, etc.) with our agency clients - these just work!

Module 1:

Foundation - Get your account ready for ads & success

Set up your account for success step-by-step from profile optimization to tags.

Module 2:

Create the "scroll stopping" ads that convert.

The core part of your successful campaign is the creative! See live examples to get ideas for your ads.

Module 3:

Launch your ads with confidence.

Launch your ads following a simple step-by-step process to ensure you get the most bang for your bucks.

Module 4:

Optimize for success and scale!

This is where the money is -> let's check the key metrics and optimize this puppy to the max!

>> Immediate Access - Join today to Reach Buyers!

I really appreciate your direct approach and value your extensive experience in this area. Thank you for your focus, style and direct no-nonsense approach!

— Jane, Business Coach


  • You have an eCommerce store that you are passionate about
  • You are actively looking for a better and more profitable traffic option from FB/IG
  • You want a scalable traffic source to your business
  • You watch other people getting success in their eCom businesses
  • You want to be found by buyers, not browsers
  • You are looking for a long-term solution

Filling up your funnel with Pinterest Ads is the secret sauce to getting profitable traffic and crafting money-making ads on Pinterest.

Here's what business owners are saying about the Pinterest Ads bootcamp:

Sounds great, but how is this different from other ad courses out there?


Get Your Ad Campaign up in a Day

This is not 100+ hours of video content that takes weeks to go through. This is direct, straight to the point, fast to consume and shows you how to create a campaign like a pro in matter of hours.


This is what we do day in, day out

We do this daily in multiple eCom niches - and we do it succesfully. Our clients stay with use for YEARS. We are not a one product shop dropshipping success or blogger turned marketer (nothing against them btw). We've seen success from fashion, bridal, home decor, $10K+ products, $10 products and more.


Rinse & Repeat

Whenever you want to launch a new campaign, just come back to the bootcamp and follow the steps and you are done.

Reach People Who Are Searching for You Today

A Proven Pinterest Ads Funnel to Reach Buyers, Not Browsers

Learn the Ad Strategy that Reduces Client Acquisition Cost with Pinterest -> the ideal outreach platform <- and Generate Extra $$$$ Income to Your Business.

Full Price $247

Sale Price Today Just $47

The Cheaper Way to Fill Up Your Funnel

is to show up where pepole already are dying to find you!

This is perfect for your business if you...

  • Want to drive more traffic to your business
  • Want to find the source that provides new leads at a lower cost
  • Want to be found when people search for your products
  • Are ready to expand your traffic sources beyond FB & IG

Ideal for Businesses in ALL niches

Pinterest is not just home decor and make up, it is so much more.

Meet Your Ad Coach

Hi, I'm Nina

I don't just teach this Pinterest process, I've also achieved superb results for many, many eCommerce stores and other business clients *not to mention my own courses & products*.

We use these exact steps in my Pinterest marketing agency to help clients achieve their lofty sales goals.

I'm not an ex-blogger turned Pinterest marketer. I'm not a dropshipper with just one product store success story behind them.

I’m an Online Business & Sales Funnel Strategist, and work each and every day on my ad agency helping others succeed online. I have MBA and 15 years of online marketing experience behind me.

I've helped many of my clients get even 10X times of their investment back by having me manage their Pinterest marketing! I've worked with clients from different markets and niches and helped them to become the go-to store in their niche

I'm a real, no BS, straight to the point kind of person. There is no fluff in my teaching, no need to skip the first 5-10 minutes of a video to learn what it actually teaches!

Are you ready to stop losing money on your eCom marketing and finally ready to get traffic and sales like you dreamed of?


And there's more...

Done For You Ad Templates

Let us do the heavy work for you providing you with proven Canva pin templates that works like magic on Pinterest, No need to hire expensive graphic designer with these templates!

Steal the Best Ad Ideas

You'll get access to our agency's own eCommerce Vault to get ideas and inspiration for your own pins. (value $297). No need to hire expensive copywriter!


-> Detailed Training on How to Set Up Your Campaign ($197)

-> Create Scroll-Stopping Ads ($197)

-> Launch Campaigns with Confidence ($197)

-> Scale the Campaigns following simple metrics ($197)

Original Price $247
Today just $47


I sell dresses, notebooks, phone covers... is this for me?

Absolutely! There are very few niches that Pinterest is not suitable for. Sure there are niches that are most common but that does not mean you can't make a killer profit on the platform. Do a search on Pinterest to find out what you see.

When do I get access to the material?

Immediately after your payment clears! You can have your ads up in an hour or two!

I advertise on FB/IG, will this work for me?

Heck YES!! Pinterest is an ideal OUTREACH platform which FB/IG are NOT. Fill Up your Top of the Funnel with Pinterest to reduce your customer acquisition cost and prime your audience for checkout.

Who uses Pinterest - is this for my business?

Pinterest users LOVE seeing ads as they are on the platform to FIND NEW PRODUCTS and GET INSPIRED! They are not chatting with people or follow people - they are FOCUSED ON THEMSELVES while browsing Pinterest.

I sell on Shopify/Woocommerce/Wix... is this for me?

For sure! Pinterest is one of the largest traffic generators for many ecommerce Sellers. Your store set up does not dictate your success.

I'm not tech savvy...

Yes! You'll get step-by-step instructions and watch over my shoulder how to do it.

How many sales do you think you are missing every day because you don't have a money-making campaign?

We utilize this framework on our Pinterest ad agency every day with all of our clients. We bring in thousands and thousands of sales for our clients eCom stores each month.

What I teach, works.

Its been tested in home decor, fashion, bridal, beauty, services, courses, coaching, and more. I sell my courses (including this one) with this framework!

Are you ready to get Shopify "Sold" notification on your mobile?

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Why wait? Start building a money-making traffic source for your business!

Why put off taking your business to the next level?

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