Start a $100+/h digital marketing career in just

6 weeks

No prior experience required and yes 6 weeks is MORE THAN enough! This course teaches you how to master Pinterest like a pro and easily and quickly grow your freedom business online!

You now probably have two questions

Why Ad Management

Simply, higher hourly rates means having to do less work. A perfect side hustle for anyone looking to start online business.

Clients don't know how DIY ads and don't have time to learn -> they rather hire someone who has.

Why Pinterest

Everyone and their mother now seem to be FB/IG marketer -> the market is just TOO saturated.

Same goes for the clients - FB/IG ads don't bring in the dough like they used to be. And have you seen how complex the FB ad mgt interface is?!?!

If you want a side hustle or new career that pays off and gives you the freedom you crave, listen up!

Pinterest ad manager is a side hustle that allows you to:

  • Learn the skills fast and get your first client before the course finishes
  • Get paid over $100/h with skill that can be lucrative part-time side hustle or make bank as a full-time ad manager
  • Work from anywhere just like I did (been a digital nomad for years thanks to my Pinterest skills)
  • Never run out of potential clients to work with.
  •  Help others achieve their eCommerce sales dreams.

And since you'll be earning minimum $1000/month per client, you can start mapping out your dream life faster than you can drink your morning coffee!

This is exactly what I did. I did not know how to do this when I started. I learned by doing.

So the question is, are you ready to go after your dream life with fun and rewarding new career?

Sounds like you?


You are Motivated and Driven. You want to make your dreams to reality. You bust your fears out of the door.


You want the freedom lifestyle - freedom to work when you want, who you want to, where you want to. Maybe even become a digital nomad!


You love learning new things. You are an action taker and determined. This opportunity really excites you and you can't wait to start.

And most importantly you are tied of wasting money, time and energy on online businesses that give you lackluster results...

So, are you ready to launch your profitable Pinterest business, find your first client and make those dreams into reality? 

  • Learn the skills fast and get your first client before the course finishes
  • Get paid over $100/h with skill that can be lucrative part-time side hustle or make bank as a full-time ad manager
  • Work from anywhere just like I did (been a digital nomad for years thanks to my Pinterest skills)
  • Never run out of potential clients to work with. 

Success Stories with my clients

Few Results from managed campaigns for eCommerce Stores in multiple niches. This results are not uncommon and can be achieved anyone how wants to. Below screenshots are from the time I STARTED!! Look at the Total ROAS column - clients are super happy when this number is higher than 3...

Everything you need is inside:

Pinterest Ad Pro Course

An easy-follow proven system to turn your current skills into a profitable Pinterest business - you don't even need a website or cold call anyone!


  • Learn how to manage Pinterest ads for clients
  • Getting your first clients
  • Getting results for clients with Pinterest
  • Learn the ad and ecommerce lingo that impresses the clients and allows you to bust your competition out of the window
  • Where to find clients with credit cards out ready to swipe (I've made over $150k from this source alone!)

PLUS all the support you need in the members only community platform through out the course. You'll also get access to Nina's expertise and coaching during the LIVE calls happening over the 6 weeks.

So who is Nina

Pinterest Ad Manager, Business Coach, Digital Nomad & Coffee lover

Hi 👋, nice to meet you! With over decade of online business experience I know the ins, outs, joys and at times frustrations of running a business. I've helped tens of eCommerce stores grow and scale with Pinterest. I now share my learnings, knowledge and teaching experience helping others build their dream freedom business and become happy and successful Pinterest ad managers!

I look forward hearing your story on our first call!

- Nina


What clients say


Accessories eCommerce Store Owner

"Nina was amazing. She took our Pinterest account from 0 to 300 K monthly viewers in just a few months. We would definitely hire her again."


Home Decor eCommerce Store Owner

"Great numbers. I love it. I am seeing the new pins -- I absolutely love the before and after pins."


What is the process and what to expect?

Next step is 15 min strategy call where we learn more about you and can recommend what package to start with. Or if you are ready to go, click the Start Now button and you can pay the first months fee immediately to get things going faster.

Next step as a client is to fill out our questionnaire so we learn even more about your business, products and customers/clients. We then take over your Pinterest account and work every week to increase your visibility and clicks back to your website. 

If you have any questions or new promotions coming up, you can always send us a message

Do you create pins or can I send you my pin template to be used?

Either way works for us. If you already have templates for your business, we can use them but we might deviate from your design to a/b test effectiveness. We will follow your branding guidelines when creating pins aka use your brand colors and fonts.

All packages include custom pins as we look at pins day in day out and know what "Clicks".

What is your strategy? Do you get me lot of followers and sales?

We only use manual, Pinterest approved strategies and apps when working on your account.

As our expertize is search engine optimization and paid traffic we focus on getting you seen in front of those that are searching. By doing so, you'll of course see an increase in follower numbers too, but that is not our goal.

With regards to sales or conversions, we can not guarantee sales from our work. Pinterest gets people through the door, but selling still needs to happen on your website in order to convert a person into client/customer.

Conversion is largely based on your website user interface, optins, copywriting, sales funnel and at times even just color of a buy button (!), therefore we are not responsible converting leads or increasing your conversion rates. 

If you do not have sales funnel or at minimum a basic email marketing funnel in place yet, we recommend setting it up first prior purchasing our service. Optionally you can purchase Nina's sales funnel coaching package to define and strategize your funnel. 

Should we do ads or organic or both?

There is no one size fits all with regards to Pinterest. If you want quick results and you have time based offers - ads are way to go. If you have an evergreen funnel, organic and ads works well.

Before doing ads we strongly recommend having your sales funnel up and running to ensure you can capture every visitor the most effective way.

Do I need a blog (if I'm not a blogger)?

No you dont, but it will help tremendously to have one to answer your target customers problems and needs!

We just build a up campaign for eCommerce Store with 1 blog post & paid ads and that single post brings in 8K/month sales each month.

No matter if you are a coach or an ecommerce store, a on target blog post can be very helpful in getting leads from Pinterest as well as converting those leads into subscribers and eventually customers/clients.

When you our client and need ideas what to blog about, send us a message and we'll do the research and give you tips on posts that works well for your niche.

Are there any additional costs?

A Tailwind account is required for SEO clients. We recommend using our agency account that gives us extra power to get traction for you. We can work on your Tailwind account and in this case there would be an extra fee for you.

Get 100 pins on us signing up with this link (affiliate link).

Are video pins required?

No, but video does work the best on ALL social media platforms and do get priority in terms of visibility.

We can create great looking video pins that showcase your product / blog post and get clicks! Let us know during the call if you are interested in videos (note that there is an extra charge).

Do you require contract?

Yes, contract is signed prior work commences. 

There is a 3 month minimum to start working with us with 30 day termination notice.