Why Pinterest is Perfect for Your Shopify Store

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The Pinterest visual search engine drives millions of visits to other Shopify stores and websites through referral traffic. Every time someone shares or saves your Pin, their followers will see it too, exposing it to even more people with similar interests.

This means more than just your viewers and followers will see your Pins, making Pinterest a great place for new customers to discover your products.

This is a huge advantage Pinterest provides to ecommerce business owners and marketers to rapidly grow visibility on the site.

Check out also Promoted Pins aka Pinterest ads  tips at the end of the post.

Pinterest Business Account Benefits for Your Shopify Store

Business accounts come with extra features like ads, analytics and regular email updates. If you already have a personal account, Pinterest recommends converting it to a business account.

You should consider doing that if you already have a built-out personal page, but otherwise feel free to have a personal AND business account.

There are some basic steps a Shopify store owner should take, once you’ve signed up for a business account, to make it easier for people to save your content and for you to track your success:

  • Confirm your Shopify site with Pinterest to ensure your logo appears on any content from your site and improve your analytics.
  • Add the Save button so your customers can easily save things they like to Pinterest.
  • Build a widget to display Pins, boards or your profile on your website.
  • Use the Pinterest tag on your site to gather valuable conversion insights and build audiences you can target in the future.

The 101 on Effective Pins on Pinterest

More than anything else, great content will help you reach your ecommerce store business goals.

Pins with tasteful branding and engaging imagery appeal to Pinners, while descriptions that try to anticipate what Pinners might be looking for will probably be easier to search.

The best Pins are visually compelling, tell a good story and make people want to learn more about your products.

It isn’t hard to make great Pins if you follow a few simple rules.

Here are some core best practices for designing Pins that will be effective for delivering an audience to your Shopify store:

1. Pick an eye-catching image

Use high-quality, vertical images that will stand out in people's feeds. Pinterest recommends a 2:3 aspect ratio (ex: 1000 x 1500 pixels). Other ratios may cause your Pin to be cut off or shortened and could even impact performance.

2. Put your product or service out front

Put your product or service – and/or the benefit they provide - front and center. Avoid using abstract or lifestyle imagery that doesn’t showcase your offer.

3. Give clear context

Your Pins should help people understand why your product or idea is right for them. Pick images that show context and help bring your topic to life.

4. Include your logo

Put a logo on every Pin you make but keep it subtle. Avoid the lower right corner, since that spot gets covered up by Pinterest product icons.

5. Add text overlay to reinforce the story

Text overlay is the copy that goes on your Pin image. It makes your Pins stand out, adds context and enhances your message.

Keep text concise so the benefit is clear and so people can easily view and read on their phones. Be certain to put your Shopify store website or landing page url on the Pin as well.

Promoted Pins Drive Leads to Your Shopify Store

Promoted Pins are just like regular Pins, only you pay to have them seen by more targeted people. These ads look pretty much like a non-promoted Pin.

These Pins are funneled to your desired audience's home feed, category feeds, and in relevant search results.

You can use the following types of Pins on your business account to grow leads and sales for your Shopify store:

Promoted Video Pins – These help you catch people's attention while they're browsing or searching on Pinterest. Great videos inspire people to try new things and engage their imagination.

Promoted Carousels – These contain multiple images for Pinners to swipe through. Use up to five images to tell a deeper story for your product or brand.

Promoted App Pins – This benefit makes it easy for people to discover and download apps directly from Pinterest. When someone clicks on a Promoted App Pin, they can download their new app without having to leave Pinterest.

Pinterest Analytics Measures Shopify Store Activity

Use Pinterest Analytics to refine your Pinterest strategy and get better performance. It offers tools to help you measure Pin performance, analyze traffic and learn more about what your customers want.

Once you've claimed your Shopify store and social accounts with Pinterest, Analytics will also show information about traffic from other channels.

You'll see how much traffic your site gets, which content people save from your social channels and more.

 The Pinterest/Shopify Connection

Pinterest and Shopify have been working behind the scenes for a few years to create a more seamless connection.

The relationship started with the introduction of Rich Pins.

Rich Pins provide more context about a product because they show extra information directly on a Pin. There are four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe and article.

The rich pins feature pushed additional product information into product pins, ensuring customers could see real-time pricing and stock availability. The system was set up so you didn’t have to do your own coding to make this happen.

The Pinterest and Shopify connection means all products from your store automatically receive the rich pins feature once you are signed up to use it.

Today, Product Pins send Pinners to buy from your store’s Shopify checkout page. You no longer have to push your customers through the Pin image link to a different website. You get to keep them in the Pinterest interface and you can even track how they interact in your Shopify store.

Wait, there’s more!

Another cool feature called “Shop the Look” might work great for you. It lets people find different products shown in fashion and home decor Pins, making it easier to bring their inspiration to life.

Shop the Look Pins have white dots that call out different products inside “the look.” People can tap the dots to view and shop exact or similar products featured in the Pin.

Stop for a moment and think about how that might be helpful to your business!

 Pinterest Leads = Shopify Sales

There are so many things you can do to build your Shopify business by gaining traffic and sales with Pinterest.

If you build your Pinterest community and encourage users to share your Pins, your search ranking for your Pins will improve on Pinterest. Just as importantly, all of the sharing activity Pinterest is known for is going to help your Google search stats as well.

You can increase engagement with your Pins in a few ways:

  • Add a call to action (CTA) to a Pin’s description, like "Share this Pin!"

  • Pin blog posts or other content from your Shopify online store

  • Share Pins from other Pinterest users on Pinterest that are related to your brand

Excited yet? Is it time for you to start using this very dynamic and sometimes misunderstood search engine and social media site called Pinterest?

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