Pinterest Marketing Services

Let us help you grow and scale your business with Pinterest.

Pinterest Ad Management for eCommerce 

Let's work together to increase your brand reach, leads and sales.


Initial Campaign Strategy & Creation
A/B Testing
Media Buying
Keyword & Interest Research
On-Going Campaign Optimization
Ad copywriting
Ad creative
Unlimited Creatives
Optimization and Scaling
Monthly Reporting

Management fee $2,500/month.

**Add SEO for Pinterest for $500 / month inclusive of regular, video and idea pins.

24-hour response guarantee

We guarantee a 24-hour response time to our clients (excludes weekend and public holidays). 

Know what's happening when you want

We provide you all the campaign details via email and show you how you can check results yourself anytime. No more wasting time on Zoom calls and waiting to see what's going on.

Complete Sales Funnel

Pinterest works the great as a Top of the Funnel strategy, which one of the hardest and most expensive stages on your funnel. Pinterest being a discovery platform aka people are searching for new products & ideas makes it very powerful and affordable to capture new audiences compared to other platforms.


What is the process and what to expect?

Next step is 15 min strategy call where we learn more about you and your eCommerce store. 

From there if we decide to work together, we'll send you our questionnaire so we can learn even more about your business, products and customers/clients. 

We then take over your Pinterest account and work every week to increase your visibility and clicks back to your website. 

Do you create pins or can I send you my pin template to be used?

Either way works for us. If you already have templates for your business, we can use them but we will deviate from your design to a/b test effectiveness.

We will follow your branding guidelines but we will keep right to change these if it translates to sales. 

All packages include custom pins as we look at pins day in day out and know what makes people "Click".

What is your strategy? Do you get me lot of followers and sales?

Our expertize is search engine optimization and ad campaign management, we focus on getting you seen in front of those that are searching and ready to buy.

By doing so, you'll see an increase in follower numbers too, but that is not our goal or something we measure in any way.

If you do not have sales funnel or at minimum a basic email marketing funnel in place yet, we recommend setting it up first prior purchasing our service. 

Sales are combination of ads and how well your website converts. If we see that ads work but conversions are lacking, we'll instruct on what you can do to improve your website's conversion rat.

Should we do ads or organic or both?

There is no one size fits all with regards to Pinterest. If you want quick results or you have time based offers - ads are way to go. If you have an evergreen funnel, organic and ads works well together.

Do you work with brand new eCommerce stores?

This will be case-by-case basis. When working on a brand new product / business, getting it proven will take more time than when product is already selling - just nature of business.

How small/large budget do I need for ads?

You should expect to invest at least $1500/m for ad spend and $1500/m for management fee totalling $3000/m. 

You pay ad cost directly to Pinterest.

Do I need a blog (if I'm not a blogger)?

No you dont, but it will help tremendously to have one to answer your target customers problems and needs!

No matter if you are a coach or an ecommerce store, a on target blog post can be very helpful in getting leads from Pinterest as well as converting those leads into subscribers and eventually customers/clients. When you are our client and need ideas what to blog about, send us a message and we'll do the research and let you know what people want to know.

Are there any additional costs?

Yes, for ad management there is the ad cost itself (paid directly to Pinterest).

Minimum monthly budget $1K/m with room to scale asap.

Are video pins required?

No but yes. Video does work the best on ALL social media platforms and do get priority in terms of visibility.

We can create simple videos pins of your product / blog posts that we test to make sure they works. 

Best videos are from your customers and we'll instruct how you can get these and how to get exactly what you need.

Do you require contract?

Yes, contract is signed prior work commences. 

There is a 3 month minimum to start working with us with 30 day termination notice.

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