3 Reasons Why You Need Pinterest in Your Marketing Strategy

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If you are not already using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy, have a read three reason why you need to add Pinterest to the mix this year.

Pinterest is so much more than just a social platform, it is a search engine and shopping platform.

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It is not Facebook where you chat with friends, or Twitter where you chat with strangers, but it is a platform where to find ideas and purchase the best finds. 

83% of users are female, but men are growing on the platform every day. That is not the best part, this is.

87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest, and 93% of Pinners have used it to plan a future purchase (Pinterest, 2015).

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Here are 3 reason to use Pinterest

If the shopping stats did not convince you yet, here are 3 reason to add Pinterest to your marketing strategy this year.

You Can Be Searched!

This is a big one!

Being searchable or discoverable is one of the biggest reason why you should ditch Facebook and focus on Pinterest instaed. 

Facebook is great but you are not searchable. One swipe and your content is gone for good. 

Pinterest ables you to be go viral today, next month, two years from now. And all that time you can be searched and found by person looking for you/your business.

When someone is searching on Pinterest, they are looking for a solution to their existing problem. 

What do you do when you want an answer to your question?

I bet you go to Google. Pinterest works same way and it's users go to Pinterest to find solution to their problem.

No need to create the need, viewers already knows they need it. Big, big difference to other social platforms. 

Getting more Traffic

Goes together with being searchable, you will get more traffic once you implement Pinterest in your marketing.

That is pretty much guaranteed.

Pinterest is the best traffic generator of all social media platforms. Many other platforms are meant for socialising, Pinterest is more of a referral network. Pinterest is designed to connect people with the things that they are interested in online.

Bloggers discovered Pinterest early on, and with great succcess, but businesses are still lacking on the platform. This is great news for you. If you hop on now, you have great chance of raising your brand awareness and sales pretty quickly. 

You Don't Need Thousands of Followers

Another win for Pinterest is that you do not need thousands of followers to get massive visibility on the platform.

I am living proof of this. As of writing this I have just under 2K followers, yet my reach on the platform is nearly 850K! See below image for stats.

pinterest stats

You do not need to wait for years to get 1M visibility on social media, you can literally to this in months!

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you are not able to do this.

Unless you pay. A lot.


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