Pinterest is not a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram is. It is more of a search engine, just like Google is. Goal on Facebook and Pinterest are different because of the difference the sites work.

On Facebook you can't really search, or you can, but it is not built for search. Pinterest is build for searching and ranking on certain keywords is the goal. 

On Facebook users are browsing, on Pinterest they are searching.

A big difference. 

Who uses Pinterest?

On average over 250 million use Pinterest and discover products and services they love. 1.5 million businesses are sharing their content on Pinterest.

Pinterest reaches 83% of all women aged 25-54 in the US. They are called “Deciders”. That’s more than Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Deciders are responsible for 80% of household buying, and they control more than 50% of the wealth in the US.

Half of the millennials (born in 1977 to 1995) use Pinterest every month. Pinterest is the number one destination for 18-34 year-olds who use the platform, outranking all other services and apps. The 75 million millennials in the United States spend an average of $65 billion each year.

This makes millennials the largest consumer group in US history. In general, millennials yearn for authenticity, especially when it comes to brands. They want to find businesses that they can relate to and share values with. So it makes sense to learn how to master Pinterest social media marketing.

Pinterest is so vital that they spend 17% more than a millennial who doesn’t use Pinterest.

Of the other social networks, it’s 4th in popularity, behind YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Although it appears Pinterest is not powerful, the truth is totally opposite.

In terms of conversion, Pinterest beats the big 3 platforms hands down.

Conversion (ie. actual purchase vs just browsing) on Pinterest is much higher than any other platform.

How do People use Pinterest?

People uses Pinterest to plan, research and to make a final purchase. People who uses Pinterest are called Pinners. 

Pinners create boards for the favorite tools, products and services. Pinners research products they wish to purchase and come to Pinterest to review the all options. 

What are some of the most Popular Categories

According to this statistics, some of the most popular topics are food and drink recipes, home decor, DIY crafts, holidays and events, gardening, design, hair and beauty, fashion, health and fitness, pets, weddings, travel, social media marketing, and more!

B2B and B2C segments, although not large, can get incredible results on Pinterest due to lack of competition like in Facebook and that pinners are actively looking for solutions vs browsing on Facebook.

Why you must invest into Pinterest Marketing?

If you are looking to capture the attention of the Millennials, Moms, and women then you need to be on Pinterest. The largest audience on Pinterest happens to be the Millennial moms. This segments is the fastest growing consumer segment in America according to Accenture, and they are expected to spend annually $1.4 trillion by 2020.

As a matter of fact…

  1. 93% of the people on Pinterest have used Pinterest to plan for purchases. People are on Pinterest with a buying mindset and they are future oriented.
  2. 87% have purchased something because of Pinterest.
  3. Pinterest users shop more often and spend more than any other social network. (Source: Comscore)
  4. Pinners spend 29% more on retail than those who don’t use Pinterest.
  5. Pinterest can help you rank on the first page of Google under your most important keywords. As a result you will gain not only more traffic but much better quality of traffic. Plus you will not only rank on Pinterest but on Google as well - how cool is that?
  6. People are tired of ads and paid content on social media - people are there to see what's happening with friends not to purchase. On Pinterest the other hand, people are looking to buy! 

Facebook has had some turmoil in the past year and people are leaving in flocks. They are tired of privacy concerns and constant ads. 

As a Facebook Business page owner you must have seen a huge decline in visibility and therefore traffic back to your website. 

Facebook wants you to spend money. A lot of money.

Users are spending less and less time on Facebook.  

Facebook (blue) is in massive decline, while Pinterest (red) is on the rise!

Key Takeaways

Business owners should invest to search engine visibility like Pinterest. Purchasing power on Pinterest is all time high and pinners are actively looking for products and services to buy!

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Bottom line Pinterest social media marketing makes sense for most businesses.

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