Fast Way to See Why Pinterest is Not Working For You (yet)

Majority of eCommerce Stores do same mistakes with their Pinterest marketing and once these are fixed - traffic and sales start happening.

I'm Pinterest expert and literally spend my days evaluation and optimizing Pinterest accounts, pins, keywords and ad campaigns. I've evaluated hundreds of accounts over the years and can pin point the problem in short 20-minute video!

Every Day Potential Customer Are Searching YOUR PRODUCT on Pinterest and Clicking Your Competitors Pins...

Maybe you've seen it yourself, your competitor is killing it on Pinterest but you just seem to do the same and wonder why...

Personalised Video Audit

Once I get your Pinterest Account link (ideally also logins so I can see data), I'll turn screenrecording on and start the evaluation. I'll walk you through the audit process and you'll hear me suggest things you should do to improve your results. 

Specific Ideas and Tips

This is not general, apply to all accounts, type of suggestions but specifically to you!

I will look at your account, your pins, check your website to see where the problem is. 

Don't lose new customers

If Pinterest is not working for you yet, there is always a reason why. Let me help you find what it is. 

Here's How it Works

  1. 1
    Book Your Roast
    Submit your Account link (ideally also logins) and answer simple questions about your account, goals and ideal customers.
  2. 2
    Issues & Opportunities Identified
    I'll review your account while screen recording the whole process and give you tips along the way.
  3. 3
    Implement Suggestions
    You'll receive the video roast to your email and can review the audit at any time. You can implement suggestions yourself or send it to your tem.

Hi, I'm Nina.

  • I've completed hundreds of account audits for clients.
  • I've managed hundreds of Pinterest ad campaigns for eCommerce stores.
  • I've helped one client get over 200K+ / month sales from organic Pinterest marketing.
  • I am also sales funnel expert and digital marketing.
  • And I also run my own eCommerce Store so I'm on the same boat with you!


Is my Roast Private?

Yes it is. I'll share a video link to you and only you. You can share the video with your team if you wish.

Do I need old account with hundreds of pins?

No, new account is totally ok too! In this case I would review your key competitors and find out how you can beat them :)

What Happens Next?

After you have booked and paid your Roast, I'll add your account to the roast queue. You'll receive your roast within 48 hours of your chosen time. I have limited slots for roast as soon as possible. 

How much is the Roast?

Roast is $200 payable when you book your roast.

Why 20-minute why not more?

With hundreds of audits behind me I know I can pin point the biggest problem pretty fast. Roast does not cover everything about your account but the obvious opportunities for improvement.