Why Pinterest – 3 Reasons Why Pinterest Beats Facebook

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Why Pinterest is a question I get asked many, many times. Many are like, why not focus just on Facebook where "everyone" is?

Facebook is ok, but I genuinely believe it is not that great for business, at least not anymore. In my experience Pinterest is way better for traffic, lead generation and converting leads into clients/customers.

Why so? Here's one reason...


Life of a Facebook post, and ad for that matter, can be counted in nanoseconds. One swipe and you are gone for good. 

On Pinterest however you can be found time and time again, months after posting the pin. 

Difference is that Pinterest is a search engine, Facebook is where you catch up with friends. This is a huge difference.

Website Traffic from Social

If you post something on Facebook and want your likers to see it, you need to pay for visibility. Once you get visibility, you need to catch their attention and most important get them to click and land on your site.

Very tough to do on Facebook.

On Pinterest though, it is a difference story.

On Average 1 pin gets 11 Repins and generates 6 Website Visits

I have never seen that on Facebook. Not even the popular Facebook pages can achieve these kind of results.

Difference is that Facebook wants you to stick around Facebook as long as possible. They do not want you to click and move away from their site. 

Pinterest on the other hand, it is all about searching and then finding a solution from a pin and clicking away. 

Browsing or Shopping

People come to Pinterest to find an answer to their problem or to shop.

As Pinterest is a search engine, many use it like Google to find the product and/or service they are looking for. 

Pinterest is not just for handbags, makeup and all, you can get massive traffic for your consulting/coaching/freelance business too. 

I have stopped using Facebook altogether as I could not get good enough traffic on Facebook vs Pinterest.

87% of people on Pinterest have bought a product because of Pinterest. 

That is why I focus my efforts into Pinterest rather than Facebook. 

It just delivers way better results that Facebook or any other social media channel in my experience.

One More... You do not need many followers to get 1M visibility!

I get 1M visibility on Pinterest across my profiles.

Yes, I mean one million.

Guess how many followers I have?

You'd think I need millions of followers to achieve this. I don't.

As of writing this I have mere 1985 followers.

Want 1M Visibility too?

I bet you do. 

Download my free Pinterest Profile Optimization Guide to get you started on the road to 1M. 

What is your experience with social media marketing?
Let me know in the comments.

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